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Contemporary Ceramic Bamboo outdoor sculptures emulate real bamboo. Hand-built high fired ceramic sections are stacked to reach large scale. Design allows movement in the wind. Sculptures are like living organisms responding to nature.

Love Bombs are contemporary ceramic objects of art. They advocate self love/universal love in a playful way with bright colors and a jumbo fake wick.

"I enjoy clay as my medium for expressing experiences and observations in nature and culture. I'm influenced by modern art, architecture and design." says Jules whose current focus is large scale outdoor sculptures built in sections.

If you are a clay lover, you'll enjoy our extensive resource area. We offer great "how to" articles and original reviews of shows and unusual places to see pottery.

This site is hosted by Jules Stevens, a ceramic artist who works at her studio, the Pua'keni'keni Pottery in Haiku, Maui. If you'd like to join us for a studio tour please contact us with details at . Please click on the gallery link to view images of Jules work.

Jules Stevens

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