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A Modern Art Lover's Dream...
  • High fired ceramics
  • Professional concrete bases
  • Innovative design
  • Complimentary installation
Unique ceramic sections stack over materials providing strength & stability yet allowing flexibility and movement in the wind. Sculptures are like living organisims interacting with nature.

Black & White Bamboo

This beautiful piece emulates real bamboo and is a tasteful compliment to any natural environment. This understated ceramic bamboo takes on the color of the clay, dark brown and white with a red iron oxide stain to accentuate the details.

High fired ceramic. Concrete base is tinted, sanded and sealed for outdoor use. Create your own bamboo forest in your home or garden! (Available in your choice of colors)

Contemporary Bamboo

Wonderfully playful, these fresh and fun pieces instantly add enjoyment to any space. Stack to your ideal heights and choose your colors, each piece is hand painted and sculpted. A bold accent for a gate or entryway or a focal point in a garden. High fired ceramic with portable concrete base.

Easy to display in multiples, create your own sculpture garden. (Available in your choice of colors)

Bamboo Shoots

Colorfully decorated and a whimsical compliment to your home or garden, the original stackable ceramic bamboo was wheel thrown.

“Choose your favorite or be creative and start your own bamboo forest!”

Each piece is created especially for you. Prices begin at $1500 - unique custom installations are surprisingly affordable. Contact us for a complimentary consultation or custom order.

To order or for inquires, please contact:
Pua'keni'keni Pottery
Jules Stevens, Ceramic Artist

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