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Love Bombs

Love bombs are bursting with positive thoughts and good karma. Ignite the wick, stand back and feel the love flowing inside you. Know someone who needs love, love bomb them. Need a little love yourself, get bombed!

Create an explosion of LOVE. Everywhere you go, as often as you can.

Put love back into the universe. Just think, wouldn't it be great if we were dropping love bombs all over Iraq right now?

The idea of a Love Bomb came to me from Maui artist Levi. They were created to be part of the 'War and Peace' Show on Maui, summer 2007. It was an interesting show because it awakened a passion for contemporary art on the island. Many of our best selling and most popular artists produced highly controversial art giving them an opportunity to stretch.

The Love Bombs represent opposition to war, but even more they advocate self love and a universal love in a playful way with bright colors and a crackly surface and a jumbo fake wick coming out making them almost cartoon like.

The Love Bombs were selected to travel to 5 west coast cities this
fall with the 'War and Peace' show.

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